Deriva Talk

Truffles Talks – Deriva im Interview:

What energized you to bring your brand/business to life?

My former job was not satisfying for me and I always dreamed of my own company in fashion. I have always
liked jewelry and fashion. However there was not a particular brand that I really liked so I was always looking for something else. So it made the decision a bit easier for me to take the big step and start a jewelry line in the style
I was looking for and I really liked.

What did you do before that?

I was a Retail Account Manager for a couple of years for 2 big American multinationals in IT before I started
my company. Also I have studied Account Management and tourism before that and had various studies and internships abroad in several countries. I have to say that even though I am now doing something totally different
I still benefit from these experiences. The though business in sales from IT and the languages I learned and studies. I speak 5 languages now and it is really convenient.

Which piece of your collection/assortment do you like most and why?

If I had to choose I have to say that leather bracelets and our scarf’s are definitely my favorite ones. The leather bracelets are very convenient to wear when going to the office, but also to wear with a nice party dress to a fashion show or events. However I always state in my comments that every design I make I would wear myself and needs to match with the rest of the collection and suit the woman. That is the main focus for me when designing a new collection each season.

Which VIP would you love to see in/with your styles? And who better not?

I would really like our Dutchy Sylvie van der Vaart to wear our pieces, because we are proud she is doing so well in Germany and of course because she is beautiful and very stylish! However we were already lucky enough to have some Dutch celebrities and Sarah Connor that like our designs and wear it.

Who do you think is your target group? How do you position yourself?

Deriva is for fashionable self-conscious women who are interested in fashion and the latest trends. People who wear Deriva vary in the age of 18-60 years old. We try to present a collection each season that matches this type of customer. We represent our brand as exclusive but affordable.

What are your dreams in relation to your collection?

We want to be in the top 3 market of jewerly brands within the next 3 years in Holland and Germany.

How will the purchase behavior change in the future? How about “cheaper is better” versus consciousness and sustainability?

We think cheaper is not always better and we always go for the best quality and not for low quality materials. We have an affordable collection but made of really high quality measuring up to the high regulations and rules of the Dutch Law (who is more strict than any other country in Europe) We have done research already and there are special “Deriva customers” who like our style and are looking for these special designs everytime a new collection is presented. Also we want to build up a long term relationship with our customers, we always think ahead and how we can improve our brand even more.

In which German city are the most fashy people and which one seems to be best for your label/assortment?

Personally I like to sell everywhere and do not have a preference!

Surely you currently work on the new collection? Could you already tell us something about it? Which shapes, colours and materials will we see?

We are already working on the new collection. We can not reveal too much yet but soft tone colors are really hot for next season. Bling bling is really passe and more natural looks are going to be the trends.

What is important for a perfect outfit? What should everybody pay attention to?

I always advise customers to feel happy what you wear no matter what the trends might be. For some people trends are not suitable and may not look good. Do not go over the top but go for: less is more. I always say that a Deriva piece needs to add to the style and character of the person and should not be over the top.