The fashion label CoutureOne was founded in 2010 by Ariane Schilling. CoutureOne imagines first the woman and then the dress: the fabric, how it feels on the body, how it drapes and compliments the woman‘s
form. Lace, silk and sequins convey a touch of femininity that carry a presence throughout the collection. Combined with a light notion of varying cultural influences and a beautiful blend of glamour,
elegance, strength, simplicity and functionality, the designs are wearable, timeless and for day or night. It is the essence of design by a woman made for women.

Ariane Schilling, the founder and designer behind CoutureOne, has lived in diverse countries and continents. Growing up, she was surrounded by the sublime impressions of the Mediterranean which formed her sense of colour and her appreciation for the pure and natural beauty. These attributes still characterize her designs and overall look today. Furthermore, her lifestyle and travelling experiences bring a contemporary feel.

While Ariane was still studying, she started to work with haute couture fashion. The passion that she developed there for beautiful clothing and it‘s ability to allow or support self expression never left her.

Through her present designs, she aspires to support women in being who they are.

CoutureOne‘s collections include clothing for all occasions. Nevertheless, a certain focus is on making wearable dresses. Not a dress for a couple of hours, or just one special occasion, but something that can be worn time and time again. Timelessness has been an important element in the creation of the designs.


Widenmayerstr. 41
80538 München
T: +49 (89) 51307025